Who we are ?


PRACTICIES is a European network , a strong partnership based on :

- National and regional institutions and cities responsible for designing and implementing policies to prevent radicalisation leading to violence.

- Academic, researchers and experts responsible for developing multidisciplinary approaches to tackle radicalisation leading to violence.

- Practitioners , stakeholders , representative of civil society , schools , families and associations with varied experiences in the fight against radicalization leading to violence.

- IT Companies specialized in the development of software that will enable both the collection of data and the production of control and narrative tools to prevent all forms of radicalization leading to violence.

Practicies Rationale

Fighting against radicalisation leading to violence and terrorism requires the involvement of all actors: citizens, professionals, researchers and policy makers.

PRACTICIES (Partnership Against violent radicalisation in cities ) Network  mobilises European cities and researchers from the fields of humanities , social sciences and more to offer new methods and approaches to understanding the phenomenon of radicalisation leading to violence and to build new prevention tools and practices.

What are our goals ?

  • Facilitate the exchange of know-how on intervention practices, policy recommendations and practical solutions;
  • Promote a global research on radicalisation;
  • Develop innovative intervention Tools;
  • Create a dynamic of dialogue and cooperation between social and academic actors;
  • Create an urban network based on practical cooperation.

What we do ?

  • Identify and analyze the discourses as well as their propagation on the internet among young Europeans.
  • Evaluate the current practices, programmes and policies against radicalisation, decrease community tensionsand increase social cohesion.
  • Identify good intervention practices, and assess the possibility of using them in other cities .