Associate Members


 The strong involvement of stakeholders is essential and would enable a more thorough understanding of violent radicalization in Europe, as well as the design and set-up of the innovative tools, measures and policies for an enhanced cooperation. In this context, such cooperation may be possible thanks to the implication of an interested stakeholder as “Associate Member” to the PRACTICIES project.

Associate members of PRACTICIES will be distinguished in two groups:

 a) Cities (and networks of cities) that are interested in preventing violent radicalisation in Europe (not limited to EU member states) as well as from the Eastern/Southern Mediterranean countries.

 b) Other organisations with no restrictions (civil society organisations, universities, companies, individual experts, etc.)  .Through this status, the interested stakeholders will be requested to facilitate exchanges about the draft outcomes of the project, as well as to collaborate in the dissemination of its results. Including stakeholders’ views and opinions and relying on their expertise are of paramount importance for the reliability and relevance of the outcomes of the project, and will thus bring a real added-value.

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