Steering Committee Meeting, Madrid, Spain

Du 25 au 26 septembre 2019

This meeting will be twofold. Some of the activities, during the first day and half, will be restricted to our Consortium. On the other hand, the Conference (based specially in three workshops that will be organised in parallel), will be open to third parties (members of the sister projects: Mindb4Act, Pericles, Trivalent, RAN network, Practicies Associate Members etc.) We expect the participation of approx. 25 external experts.

Concerning the partners, this event will focus on promoting an internal debate at consortium level, within and across the different workpackages, in response to the comments included in the Review report (15-02-2019). During this meeting, it is expected  that the partners will exchange the results obtained in order to come out with some policy-oriented recommendations.

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